Monday, November 7, 2011

Picture Book Month: Bling Blang

Written by Woody Guthrie
Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky
Published by Candlewick, 2000

I love Woody Guthrie and I love Vladimnir Radunsky. The two paired together make a perfect cup of tea. If you can, make sure to have your kiddo give a listen to one of Woody's recordings of Bling Blang. It is folk music at its best. If you find you like this one, please check out Howdi Do as well!

*popsicle/craft sticks
*paint and/or markers

There are numerous ways for kiddos to create houses. If I had a group of kiddos with me after i read this book, I would let them choose their own materials. But, since I don't, here is my wee suggestion and project.
Set out cardboard and paint. Paper is fine if that is all you have. Ask your kiddos if their house is going to be in the city or the country or perhaps outer space? Once they decide, have them paint up their background and set aside to dry.

Once dry, bring out the craft sticks and have your kiddos "build" their house using the glue to stitck their sticks to their background.
They can use paint and or markers to color their house. Play Bling Blang while they work. once they have finished, ask them about their house and write down or record what they say, it will make a wonderful story!

Don't forget, November is Picture book Month. check out the blog here.

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