Monday, April 20, 2015

8 things on our circle time shelf

1. texture basket: we're beginning our unit on "the senses". this week is touch.
2. pantone color cards: the kiddos love these and we practice our sign language colors.
3. rainbow paint chips: 1 for each color of the rainbow. the kiddos take turns arranging in rainbow order. sometimes i place them out silently using only sign language.
4. rain stick discovery bottle: for our five senses...sound/hearing, also weather talk.
5. music and stories: our boombox is currently broken but the kiddos often loaded their own choices.
6. rice shakers: use during music time and discovery time.
7. feelings flash cards: we review emotions and empathy, plus the kiddos love looking at them. on top of the shelf is a basket of kimochis that the kiddos can match to.
8. cloud pillows: for squishing, hiding, and/or arranging in rainbow order. also for reviewing weather concepts.


  1. LOVE!
    (what's in the texture basket? and -- as always -- I wish the photos were zoomable or clickable to see BIGGER! even on my ginormous monitor I can't read the title of the Todd Parr cards [but I would recognize his art anywhere, so...])

    1. I wish I could make an interactive photo! how cool would that be? I'll post a photo of the texture basket and what is on top of the shelf tomorrow. The Todd Parr cards are his FEELINGS cards.