Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a new school year, a newly organized play yard

Every year we tweak our indoor and outdoor spaces. The more we use them, the more we figure out how the children use each space. Last year we updated our sandbox and while it was super cool, we found the children needed a space to work. Enter the new mud kitchen shelf made by the mister!
For now we have the crates under it to store all the sandbox toys. I went through them and puleld out broken bits and items that the children generally do not gravitate to but I think there are still too many things. We'll see.
The planter boxes were made locally. We have rocks in one and potting sil in the other. I love how the  mirror opens up the space. The window box on the table will soon hold herbs and flowers. When it gets super hot we pippi up our space by cobbling together a shade using sheets and clothespins. I love the fort feel of it! It's really tricky trying to find other preschool play yards so I hope that by sharing, I will encourage others to do so as well. Enjoy!

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