Saturday, August 26, 2017

art supply storage, a work in progress

We have open shelves in the classroom that we use to store the art supplies we use most often. Paint, glue, paper, paint cups, etc. are all housed here.
For the past few years we have been using these decorative plastic bins I foudn at various dollar style stores. While handy, they are visual clutter with all the different colors. We have greem pink, orange, blue...yikes!
For our work day, I picked upa couple cans of grey spray paint to pant the bins so they would all be the same color. While it's not my dream storage, it will do for now.
Not too bad. I want to switch out the fabric bins for all grey, we use them to store the children's rest items. My dream to switch out all the plastic for wicker and rattan baskets. It might get spendy, but I think I am going to start looking for some. Can you imagine how pretty it would be?

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