Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't throw that away-strawberry baskets

We don't often come by these nifty little gems these days but if you get your berries from a local stand or farmer's market, you just may be lucky enough to score some! There is much you can do with a strawberry basket. Today, we will show you how to make a Mother's Day pendant or brooch!What you need:
*green strawberry basket
*ribbon, lace and string scraps
*pom-pons, buttons, sequins, etc.
*pipe cleaners
*paper scraps
*pin-backs if making brooches
*scissorsscrumdilly-do it!

First off, this project is most easily done with a strawberry basket but can be adapted using cardboard, styrofoam, cereal boxes or other material. Use this project as a guideline and have fun experimenting!

Cut up your basket into parts. You can cut it into five or more parts, depending on how big your wee one wants his/her surface space to be. You will be setting up materials for weaving which is perfect for working those fine motor skills. If your kidlet is easily frustrated and not ready for such an activity, prep one side of a cereal box for them by cutting out areas they can implement into a weaving project of their own.If you are going to make a pendant, make sure all "pointy" bits are trimmed. If your wee one is insisting on gluing away,please sand the surface of the basket piece a bit so that the glue has something to hold onto. Otherwise, the glue will peel off. You may want to encourage your kidlet to glue after everything else is in place. Pass out the small pieces and set out all the bits and trim and let your wee ones weave away. They can use paper cut or torn into strips,ribbon, yarn, string and pipe cleaners. They can weave, twist, turn or tie. The possibilities are endless! Next up, add some sparkle, buttons, pom-pons, you name and set aside to dry.Loop a length of ribbon or string through the top of the pendant to create a necklace. Glue a pin-back to the back of the pendant with a super strong glue like E-6000 if using as a brooch. Make sure you do the super gluing yourself. Never EVER let your wee ones use the powerful glues!Wrap your giftie up in a brown paper bag decorated with your wee one's artwork and handiness and you are as good as gold! Don't forget to take pictures and send them to us to be featured on "the 'do!"