Saturday, January 26, 2013

make a heart shaped treat

This happy heart shaped cinnamon roll was made with a store-bought cannister of dough. Sprinkles were added on a whim. This could be a delightful project to shape with your kiddos depending on their age and expectations. Either way, sprinkles kind of make it happier. Grab a tube, preheat your oven and hop on over to scrumdillydilly for the diy.*

*I found this recipe on pinterest via Spice Blog. Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

sticky dippy: chocolate marshmallow pretzel rods

Sure we all love to dip pretzel sticks in chocolate so I upped the ante by adding marshmallow! I had planned to add some caramel as well but I got the order of melting mixed up so grab some chocolate, some marshmallows, and some pretzel sticks and get to dipping! Oh...don't forget the sprinkles! 
Your kiddos can get in on the action by opening and measuring out the pretzels, chocolates and marshmallows (minis work best). For ten dipped sticks you will need one cup of chocolate chips and 2 cups of marshmallows. Melt marshmallows in a microwave proof container (a pyrex measuring cup works dandy) for 10-30 seconds. Keep an eye on it as those marshmallows puff up like crazy! 
 The best way to get the marshmallows onto the pretzel sticks is to dip and twist. Place your sticks on wax paper. I used parchment and they stucy-stuck. The smaller your container, the deeper the dip.
 Melt chocolate chips in 20 second intervals, stirring in between until smooth. Dip away, place on wax paper and add sprinkles! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

glitter glam

I recently glittered up some happy stars to decorate our walls at home. These were super simple, if not slightly messy (that pesky glitter likes to linger) to create. So simple your kiddos could enjoy making! them.

*empty cereal box or other thin cardboard
*colored paint (acrylic or tempera)
*foam brush
*hole punch or staples

To begin, have your kiddo think of a happy shape (hint hint...Valentine's Day is fast approaching). If they are eager to do so, allow them to draw their shape themselves otherwise follow their direction and draw away on the back of a recycled cereal box or other cardboard you may have on hand. You can also use cardstock or posterboard. 
Use scissors to cut out the shape your kiddo drew or directed. Try to get a handful or so drawn and cut. Shapes and things always look happier when grouped together. Set up on ap aint friendly surface.
  Distribute paint however you prefer. We like to blob it directly onto our cardboard. Hand out a foam bursh or other fat paintbrush and allow your kiddo(s) to go to town painting their cardboard shapes. If you used a recycled box, you may need to to more than one coat of paint to cover up the print if you are going to paint both sides (the pink paint was quite thin so we switched to blue for our second coat).
On the final coat, while paint is still wet, hand your kiddo their glitter shakers and shake, shake, shake! Set aside to dry. If you ae going to tack up to a wall or other surface, you will only need to paint one side. If you wish to hang like a mobile, make sure to paint both sides so that all surfaces are ready for their close-ups. Easy, peasy! 

To hang you can thread a length of yarn or string through a punched hole (punch hole before painting) or use a stapler to staple yarn to the shape. Find a happy place for display and go for it! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 in review: February

There was a whole lotta love going on in February last year. Check it out: 

*nuts for you valentine
*drive me wild valentine
*irresistable painting

2012 in review: january

It seems that last January was a month of hats! Hat day is January 15th which is soon soon soon! Here are nine easy hat projects you can mkae with supplies you may already have on hand! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

make magic! do good! winner!

Happy Friday, friends! Here I am to announce the winner of Dallas Clayton's Make Magic! Do Good! Thank you to all who entered and now without further ado, the winner is Bri who wrote:

My students impress me each day with their compassion and good deeds. I would love to share this book with them!

Thank you Bri! I hope you read this and email me with your contact information so that I may get the gears rolling to get you your copy! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

36 things we scrumdilly-did in 2012

From hats to sweets, to eyebombing, crayon melting, and spoon ghosts; 2012 was just as fun as ever! I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you! Thank you for being a part of the 'do! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

make magic! do good! a giveaway

Why not start the New Year with a wee bit o' magic Dallas Clayton style? Mr. Clayton's new book Make Magic! Do Good! 
is brimming with all sorts of fun poetry in motion. From teeny tiny griaffes to real-life dragons the poems in Make Magic! Do Good! are both magical and fun. The lovely folk at Candlewick  have given me an opportunity to give a copy away to one of my American or Canadian readers.

Go ahead, leave a comment below, add a haiku if yer feeling creative and I will choose a winner on January 10th, so leave your comment and spread the word! You can also leave a comment on scrumdilly-do's Facebook page under the post for this contest, one comment per person please. Happy entering!