Tuesday, October 11, 2016

scenes from the classroom: october

wiffle balls and pipe cleaners
birdseed in the sensory tub
painting with feathers
natural geo-board turned hammering boards
making nests

Friday, October 7, 2016

windy art via Handmade Kids Art blog

My co-teacher found this nifty project on Handmade Kids Art blog and was so taken with it, she tried it out with her class. I was so taken with it, we did it in my class as well. The children really enjoyed it!

The first step is to imagine what the wind would look like if you could see it. The children used markers to show what their wind would look like.

Next up, the children selected a paint color and squirted it onto their tray and used their fingers to replicate what they drew on their papers.
After they used their fingers to draw the wind on their trays, they flipped their paper onto the paint, marker side down, to pull a print. We give them the vocabulary such as print pulling, etc. to let them know their art is valid. Once they pull their print, they use glue to adhere three dimensional elements of wind such as yarn and feathers.

Aren't they happy? It was very interesting to watch the children follow the steps to their own tune. The dialog that went on was a lot of fun as well. Thank you Handmade Kids Art for sharing your projects!