Friday, November 30, 2012

make a quick advent calendar

 You and your children can whip up this easy advent in a couple of yourself, you can do this in one hour. All you need is a box of cone shaped coffee filters, a wooden spoon, paper scraps and yarn. Hop on over to scrumdillydilly for the diy. 
There are many ways you can tweak this project to inclue your young children. Pre-writers can add numbered stickers to the filters while young writers can write out the numbers on blank sticker, punchedpaper or onto the filters themselves. Instead of punching holes and tying the yarn to each filter, whip out a stapler and see if your kiddos can master that skill. If not, scotch, masking or washi tape will work as well. 
Fill filters with small wrapped chocolates, stickers, and paper strips with wee adventures written upon them. Your child can tear off a filter full of fun each day! This is definitely not a reusable calendar but the process in which you make it with your child will last forever! Writing numbers, using scissors, punching holes and tying knots. The key is to have fun! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

a sea shell, dim sum, forgotten cows and a mama that zooms...

Here are four more great books for kiddos featuring a variety of faces and fun. I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos, my trusty old Rebel took a dive on our last road trip and my new camera just arrived two days ago. Since I had been gearing up for picture book month, I had already taken photos of thirty different children's books! Yay for reading! 
Written by Judy Cumberbatch
Illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max

Written and Illustrated by Grace Lin
Written by Kelly Cunnane
Illustrated by Ana Juan
Written and Illustrated by Jane Cowen Fletcher

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November is Picture Book Month

I had grand plans, BIG plans even but somehow time ran away from me so all I have right now for you are four books, all delightful,  you may or may not know...

Written by: John Coy
Illustrated by: Carolyn Fisher
Reading Rainbow video here

Written by Ken Kimura
Illustrated by Yasanuri Marukami

Written by Fran Manushkin
Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

Written and Illustrated by Troy Cummings