Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Hat Day!

And an honorable mention the late, more than great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You humble me.

To add a little smile to your day and an activity or two just in case you need something to do, here are a few ideas for National Hat Day!

For nifty books with swell illustrations you can check this list I put together for you. For some nifty linkeroos and craft supplies, you can check out my Kaboodle page!

Last year, Mr. A-go-go & I made our hats out of newspaper and coffee filters, respectively. This year my hat was made from giftwrap and the Mister's from a brown paper grocery bag. You don't have to go out and get any supplies, use what you have, it's fun!

For the giftwrap hat, all you need is a large sheet of paper, masking tape and craft supplies.

To start, you plop the sheet of paper on top of your kidlets head. Use your hand to pseudo-shape a crown on yer wee one's head and then wrap a band of masking tape all the way around to secure. Take hat off head and roll excess paper into the crown to create the brim...tape into place with packing tape or colorful duct tape or whatever yer kidlet desires.

Now, let the decorating begin! I wasn't into a short crown so I taped together two pieces of black construction paper front to back but only tapeing at the sides to create a sort of tube. I then plopped the tube over my crwon and taped down for securiy. After adding a papercut feather and a packing tape button brooch I was ready for Hat Day!


  1. Excellent idea! My little guy loves hats and I think this will be our project for tomorrow.

  2. Love the hat, lady. Gave you some linky love today from my site. You're doing great here at "the Do" keep it going.