Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Made in China

I was working on a post with links and ideas and such for holiday gifts from the heart when I came across Amy of angry chicken's post. She has written it out so clearly all the thoughts in my head and so I urge you to wander over to her post for a looksie. You may also want to check out Etsy for other handmade options for your wee ones and of course, take a gander at my new fab matching game.Other links and shops and such:

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Oompa Toys
Rosie Hippos
The Daily Green
Parent Dish
Family Fun Handmade Gift Ideas
The Toymaker's Paper Toys
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  1. I look at your blog often but have never left a comment. Thank you for posting this and sharing the post from angry chicken.

  2. In response to the rash of recalls, we have published a comprehensive list of products Not Made in China. You can find it at

    Let us know if we missed anything.

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  4. Hmm. The comments on angry chicken's post is closed (I know, I'm getting to this something like a year late), so I'll post here.

    Wouldn't a better solution than boycotting "made in China" products be to intentionally buy and thus support products that are made in China, but made well? China is full of skilled handcrafters, too!

    Fair trade, etsy sellers from China, and other online websites do sell items made in China by companies or individual artisans committed to their workers and to the environment.

    I live in south China in a community where almost every woman does beautiful hand embroidery, sews clothing, and most impressively, makes hemp by hand (from plant to fabric!) I hope that the western world's fear of the label "made in China" won't prevent these women from being able to sell their labor-intensive goods to a wider market in the future!

  5. Lori Ann,

    Thank you for your comment. I never intended a "boycott China" post, I suppose I should have phrased everything more clear. You make a very valid point and I think in my head, it is a given. I'm wary of my dependence on items that are mass produced and thus poorly put together. Many American companies depend on the factories in China and I would rather purchase something made from good intentions than in an environment in less than good conditions.

    If companies treated their employees more compassionately and fairly than I would feel better purchasing items from them. I still do purchase items made from all over the globe, for me it is a matter of fair treatment and quality. I hope I portrayed that here. Thank you again!