Monday, June 30, 2008

Index Cards Part two

Because there is always room for more index cards projects...this one goes back to my early college art days. I took a two dimensional design course back in the 80's and we did this project first on index cards then on large sheets of paper. Ours were done in black, white and gray but your kidlets may want to use all of their crayons and/or markers. If you do this with crayons or oil pastels and then have them fill in the shapes with water color you will get a nifty collection of textures and colors and it will be that much easier for your wee one to keep the color in the tiny shapes. Remember, this project is best done with your kidlets six and older. You may enjoy it also as it is very soothing to focus on.

What you need:
*index cards any size
*markers or crayons and/or watercolor

scrumdilly-do it:

Set out an index card for your wee one to doodle on. The idea for this is to doodle first one large swirl like line with a loop or two in it. More lines may be added to break up the first and to create more pockets to color in.Next up, start filling in the "pockets" with color. We decided to try using only one color scheme or maybe just five colors. Pick your first color and randomly color in a few of the shapes.Select your next color and do some more.Repeat until you are finished and viola! A nifty colorful stained glass looking piece of tiny art! You can of course do this on larger sheets of paper, the insides of brown bags, back of gift wrap, etc. The larger your paper the more you may want to use paint instead of markers to color in the shapes. Drawing large circular lines in great for those motor skills. Filling in small pockets with color is perfect to perfect those fine motor skills and helps strengthen hand to eye coordination. Have fun!


  1. Thanks for this great idea. I needed a rainy-day art project to do with my four-year-old today and tried this. I just tore 8x10 paper into four equal pieces and drew the doodle myself, then she colored them in.
    We stapled them into a book for her (she loves doing that with her art).
    You can go to this link to see a photo:

    Thanks again for the great project.

  2. I love this -- my mom taught me how to do this when I was a kid -- I have already shared the fun with my two, and plan to again! Thanks for the memories!

  3. I went through a stage of doing heaps of these when I was about 10
    I actually remember my 10th birthday and we were up north (up past Auckland in new Zealand) where we had access to a holiday home (it was a 100 year old house)
    and I drew heaps of these

    interesting how they are good for "fine motor skills and helps strengthen hand to eye coordination" two things I probably needed to work on
    I dont remember being taught to draw these I just did it because I enjoyed them
    I guess I must have seen the idea somewhere

    I actually did one the other day very relaxing


  4. We did this at my school back then too.. I loved it then and I still do... I remember just doodling on pages after that class... and coloring the spaces in while I was on the phone :)

  5. I used to LOVE doing these, endlessly! I still do, especially when I need a little creative inspiration. Love the idea of doing them on index cards -- my daughter and I will give it a try today!

  6. This is such a great idea! I have so many index cards lying around, and cannot wait to do this project with my first graders next year. (I might also have fun with it myself this summer!) Thanks!

  7. these are so much fun to do. I remember doing something like this when I was in school as well, though we made the lines with elmers glue and then let them dry overnight, and went back the next day to color/paint in the spaces :)


  8. Kindred spirits?

    This idea is featured in a DK activity book I picked up when I was in the States last week, and I'd used it to make paper I then folded into a box for storing rings, pocket change, lipbalm, etc. on my nightstand. It's not next on my list of things to do, but I'll probably be featuring it in my blog in the next few weeks, so you'll get another link :-)

    Thanks for the fun, colorful and simple activities you post!

  9. I remember doing this when I was younger. I'm going to have to dig out my index cards from the junk drawer. I may love doodling this more than my kids will. Thanks.

  10. These are beautiful and so simple! I can't wait for my little guy to get a bit older, just for my own creative benefit! ha!

  11. I loved doing these as a kid and teenager. To be honest I still do them at church!

  12. This has been one of my favorite doodling-with-markers projects since I was about 3 years old! it's nice to see it showcased. :-)

  13. my kids LOVED this! :) thanks so much for all your great ideas girlie!! Rebecca