Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paint with dots! Lotsa lotsa dots!

Here are some pics from a recent class I taught. We did all of our "painting" and printmaking using items that would produce a dot. We first talked about Pissaro and Seraut and pointillism and then started with index cards and toothpicks.We worked our way up to larger cards and q-tips, paintbrush tips and crayon tips.
Then we got bigger and used the rims of cups and glasses and I passed out the parts of a chopped up swim noodle.

Things got a little wacky when we tried dotting our papers with marbles. The marbles took on a life of their own and produced some nifty experimentation! Have fun and don't limit yourself. Have your wee ones go on a circle hunt in the house to look for household items that would produce a circle. Start with a reading of the dot and have fun!


  1. This is a completely wonderful art project. And, I love The Dot! Don't you adore Ish too? When you get a chance, would you please stop by my blog? I left something there I hope you will enjoy.

  2. Not only do I love this project but that table cloth as well!!! Oh how everything would taste yummy on a table cloth like that.

  3. Just lovely! I am adoring this craft! We may have to do that this week! :)

    Reclaiming The Home

  4. oooh, where did you get that table cloth!!?!?! great craft, and great blog! Im adding it to my favourites!

  5. Thank you everyone for the fun and kind words! At scrumdilly-do, we aim to create projects that are super easy, low cost and fun to do.

    The nifty fruity tablecloth came from K-mart a few years ago. Have fun, I think they still carry it!