Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Supplies For One And All!

dollar store crayonsFor as long as I can remember, September meant going back to school and going back to school meant school supplies! There was nothing I loved more than picking out new notebooks, pens, pencils and markers. I may not have gotten a new school wardrobe every year but I always managed to score a set of markers. My family did not have much by way of extra spending cash but lucky for us there were discount stores that carried oodles of school supplies on sale even! Once I was even lucky enough to get a Trapper Keeper! Go me!

This year, if you are lucky and fortunate enough to stock up at home, why not pick up a little something extra and donate the goods to a wee tot in need of new supplies? Sales may be over, but office supply stores always have deals. Check out this list of nifty organizations or check with your local schools, churches, hospitals and shelters. Crayons are such simple things but they sure can pack a smile. Get to googling, you may find someone right under your nose. The Starbucks near my school is collecting books for a local classroom. When and if you do put together a kit or two, make sure to involve your kidlets in the process. You're never too young to start giving.

*Operation Iraqi Children
*I Love Schools
*Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation
*Give a Kid a Backpack
*Adopt a Classroom

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