Friday, April 10, 2009

memory game in action

I had to do a Piaget Interview for my cognition class and decided to use jelly beans as the main ingredient. I interviewed the kidlets on conservation, ego-centrism and problem solving. We had a blast but maybe it was the jelly beans.

For the problem solving part of the interview, we played the memory game with the egg halves. I thought that maybe it would be too easy for the eight year olds but as it turned out, it was just hard enough and the five year old made enough matches to sing and dance too. Check it out:


  1. What wonderful photographs. Looks like it was quite a hit!

  2. Was looking at your rice salad and decided to make for dinner...wondering about cooking the rice in the broth. Im not very knowledgable with cookign, LOL. But I wanted to use chicken broth instead of veggie I cook it 1/2 water, 1/2 broth or do I cook all in broth? Thanks again! Love ur blog btw :)

  3. hi jolene!

    i use all broth...unless of course you are making a ginormous vat of rice you might want to use the broth to water...three to one. but when i make just a cup or two of rice, i use all broth.