Friday, September 18, 2009

for the love of chickens: a book want and dancing contest

i don't know about you but i love me a good chicken book. there's just something about the way they're drawn that makes me smile and laugh. of course i immediately get all sorts of "chicken" songs stuck in my head which then makes me want to dance all over the tiny casa. why not put your dancing feet to good use and enter the Chicken Dance dance contest?

Chicken Dance
Written by Dan Santat
Illustrated by Tammi Sauer
Published by Sterling Publishing
Lola & Marge are chickens who dream and their dream is meet up with their idol Elvis Poultry. When a dance contest offers up free tickets to see their idol, the two hens put on their dancing shoes. Can they take first prize and leave those dastardly ducks in the mud?

so, i don't know about you but methinks i need to get my own dancing shoes on...and one of those chicken hats, the one with the big beak?

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  1. Books and music - what more could we want! Sounds like a great one - I'm off to see if we can get it from our library! Thanks for the tip.
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