Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Countdown: Yarn Ornaments

The process of this activity is super quick, it's the waiting to dry part that might drive yer kidlets nutty. Make them when you have some free time and the kidlets are doing the boredom dance. Stash them somewhere high on a sheet of wax paper to dry and when you check on them the next day they will be ready to hang on your tree or your gifts!

You will need:
*glue that dries clear
*wax paper
*mess friendly zone
*cookie sheet or sturdy cardboard
*paper bowls, plates or plastic lids
*paperclips, ornament hooks or string
scrumdilly-do it!

This can get sticky so make sure yer tots are in non-fancy togs, okee doke? Squeeze a large amount of glue into your bowl, cup or lid. Place the cookie sheet or cardboard in front of your wee one and place a sheet of wax paper on top. Grab yer ball of yarn and have your wee ones cut varying lengths, set aside.When yer ready, roll up your kidlets sleeves and get ready for the sticky fun! Toss one noodle of yarn into the glue and get it all goopified. Have your wee one run their fingers along the length of their "noodle" to squeeze out excess glue and then shape it onto the wax paper however they like.Add a dash pf sparkle and glitter and move on to the next ornament. Keep going until you run out of room. Place your sheet of ornaments somewhere safe to dry. They will need to dry for at least twelve hours.Once dry, gently peel away from the wax paper. Trim off excess dried glue with scissors, add a hook or paperclip or a loop of string and have fun hanging them everywhichway! Happy Holidays!

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