Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little Leftover Love for Lunch

Zaza loved, loved, loved making those sticky-sweet, pinky-pink Sugar Buns.

Both with jessica, and later with three other little girls.

That last time we got a bit carried away making the sweet, pink, cream cheese -- it looked so pretty in the bowl, and was so much fun to stirrrrrrrrr -- and ended up with a surplus.

I popped the leftover sweetened cream cheese into an airtight container, and finally thought to use it this morning when I was running late with lunch-prep and low on sandwich supplies.

Note: the dark bits in the photos of the cream cheese are heart-shaped candy sprinkles (mixed in by Zaza during the bun-making session).

Scrumdilly-do it!

Pop two (multigrain, blueberry, gluten-free -- if you're pretending to be healthy with this) toaster waffles into the toaster. Remove from toaster, and let cool.

Spread cream cheese on one waffle.

Spread fruit preserves on other waffle...bananas would work too.

Let kidlets lick the spoon and spreader.

Place cream cheese waffle on top of jam waffle, cheese-to-jam, sandwich-style.

Wrap in silver foil or a cloth napkin, and place in lunch box.

No toaster waffles? Try Frozen french toast. (Or home-made French toast!) Or cinnamon-raisin bread. Or even plain old wheat toast.*

*Plain-old-toast must be cut into heart shapes to make up for plain-ness of bread choice.


  1. you're making me all hungry! i love the pink.

  2. we do something similar for snacks; mix plain cream cheese with a tablespoon or two of jam (or jelly), spread onto half of a few graham crackers, top with other halves - sandwich style - and eat, YUM!