Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day: Token of Affection w/ Fingerprint Heart Stamps

A little chocolate goes a long way with these sweet handmade valentines. The best part is that they are silly easy and quick to make and so very, very sweet!

You Will Need
*index card or large tags
*small vellum envelopes
*chocolate or bubblegum coins
*scrap paper
*ink pad
*stamp shaped paper punch (optional)

scrumdilly-do it!

Use your scrap paper and paper punch to punch out blank stamp shapes. If you do not have a punch, cut out one inch square squares.
Have your kiddos press their left pinkie onto the ink pad and then press their pinky-print at a slight angle pointing to the right onto a blank stamp/square.
Repeat process but use right pinky and press onto blank stamp/square pointing to the left to create a heart shape. You can use one or two colors of ink, it's your choice. If you do not have an ink pad available you can use watered down paint or even a marker colored directly onto your kiddos pinky. Make sure to use a washable marker if you do that (wink wink).
Adhere one stamp per envelope using the gluestick. You of course do not have to use a vellum or glasine envie, you can use any small envelope or make your own by creating a template.
Gather index cards or large manila tags and cut down so that they will fit the envelopes. Write your valentine message across the top, in this case:
works perfectly and have your kiddo sign their name at the bottom. If you are computer savvy (unlike me) you can print out the message on cardstock and cut out your cards by hand. This would work for a very young kiddo who has only mastered his or her name. A label would work too if you know how to avery it up (again, unlike me).
Next, have your kiddo smother one side of a candy coin with a gluestick and affix the"token" to the center of the card. Use a pen, marker or crayon to circle around the token to add a bit of color to the valentine.
Insert candy laden card into envelope, add a name to the outside and get ready to deliver a little bit o' sweetness to friends and family! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. adorable!! Love the vellum envelopes and homemade "stamps" : )

  2. What a great idea! Love those fingerprint hearts.

  3. I love love love these!! The stamp punch and envelopes add such a sweet touch. Everything you create is magical!! Happy heart day to you!!!

  4. Love those stamps! My 4 year old daughter has tried to steal our "real" stamps as stickers. She would love this----thanks for sharing!

  5. This is sweet idea! I plan on making some small gifts with chocolate coins for St. Patrick's Day.