Thursday, March 17, 2011

they scrumdilly-did it!

The happy family over at Domestic Scribbles tackled the shamrock cuffs, lookie! They discovered that their cuffs went flatty, flat, flat once the paint was applied and used liberal amounts of mod podge to keep them cuff shaped. If you have a pic of any of our scrumdilly-do projects, shoot them our way with a link and we'll share! Happy St. Patrick's Day and I hope yer wearing green, wink, wink.**

**As a child from a non-secular family, the furthest I  got into celebrating St. Patrick's Day was the surface fun of wearing green and cooking corned beef and cabbage stew. There is a lot more to it all and you can click here for more info on the holiday and here for more info on the man himself and here to learn more about Ireland, its culture and customs.

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