Sunday, July 24, 2011

Build Your Own Adventure Bag

One of the neatest things you can equip your kiddos' with for when they are out in the "wild" is an adventure bag full of fun.
I whipped up these bags from scrap fabric pieces and burlap I had floating about but you can use any pre-made bag. Having a strap so that the bag hangs cross-wise over the body is probably best. That is how both ander and zaza wore theirs. One that is not-so-fancy and water proof-ish is a good idea as well.
Here's what we put inside the bags:
*pack of gum
*handmade book or notebook
*small plastic baggies for collecting
*magnifying glass
*paper clips
*pencil & sharpener
*index cars & tags


  1. Love this and have added to my Pinterest Thank you.

  2. I love love it and added it to my pinterest as well! look forward to digging through your crafty blog some more