Thursday, October 27, 2011

my misadvantures in Halloween crafting

Hello lovely readers! I have had the most ridiculous sad luck for this year's Halloween projects. You know how you feel as if you have oodles of time so you put aside the not-so-important projects for "later" but then suddenly you have NO time and so you rush about glueing here and painting there and hope, hope, hoping for good light so you can take a picture? Yup, in a pumkinshell that is my recent experience this month. Not to mention the projects that DID get started early simply wouldn't behave. Ooof!
 It all started with the yarn wreath I really wanted to make and spookify. I couldn't get the yarn to toughen up. I used glue, I used mod-podge, I added more glue and more mod-podge but nothing. Next, came my two jobs and more hours, which is a GOOD thing but left barely a smidge of time for crafting. In between we had to wait for an oven and my allergies attacked and sucked up all my energy (cue violin music).

So, even though, I did manage to glue a little here and paint a little there, all I was able to post was a cookie recipe which is super tasty, I promise! So, here's to next year where you get to see the finished projects that involved pom-poms and cupcake liners. Until then, I put together a Pinterest board full of previous Halloween projects. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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