Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purple Cake Day!

 Purple Cake Day is this week so we're in a whirl of purple at the school. Setting up art projects and centers within a theme is always a fun thing. You can make old things seem knew simply by switching up the colors or materials. 
Grape, vanilla and lavender scented play dough is perfect for cake making.
 A puppet theater becomes a cake stand. 
The water table is filled with collage materials in purple and makes for a great mess!
We've been mixing purple and painting with purple. Our flags of hope are decorating the classrooms and the children are learning about Nepal. 

To learn more about Purple Cake Day, click here.

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  1. oh man, i so wish you lived near me. i just pitched a huge project to Lego to run a bunch of workshops with children and it's stuff like this we should do with them!! keeping my fingers crossed they'll accept the proposal and then we'll have to talk. for reals.