Monday, May 14, 2012

in the classroom: watercolor and painter's tape

 Working with a group of two year-olds and just-turned threes, I passed out paintbrushes, paper and oodles of strips of blue painter's tape. Some of the tape was torn short and squat while other strips were longer and divided in half lengthwise. I sticky-stuck them all around the edges of the table so the children could choose which strips they wanted. Some used a lot of tape, some used a little. Some added and removed as they painted, some asked for specific lengths and widths. 
After the tape hit the paper, the liquid watercolor orders were placed. I began with limiting the painting to two colors adding a third or fourth when requested. My favorite part was watching the manner in which each child took to the project. Some painted far away from the tape shapes, a few filled their paper with color, one young one painted their lines in between the tape pieces, while another took to the project with a paintbrush in each hand.
Once the children were ready, they each removed the tape themselves revealing the bits of patchy white squares underneath. 
All sorts of lovely turned up. One project through six different pairs of eyes. Ain't paint grand?


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  2. I am thinking I might try this with slightly older kids and have them make their initials with the painter's tape, paint over it, then remove the tape...