Monday, October 15, 2012

halloween dilly-do!: spoon ghosties

This quick and easy project can be made in just a few hours. The longest wait is for the paint to dry. While you and your kiddos wait for the paint to dry, why not read a couple of Halloween Books and/or write out a silly ghost story to perform? Here's how you do it!

*wooden spoons
*white acrylic paint
*paint happy work surface
*paint brush
*permanent markers
*one pipe cleaner per spoon
*white glue
Gather up your wooden spoons and have your kiddos give them a coat or two of white paint. Set aside to dry.

Once dry, add faces using your permanent markers.

Grab a pipe cleaner and have your kiddo lay pipe cleaner down on work surface then placing their spoon on top. Take each end of the pipe cleaner  and bring up to center then back down so that each end is now on the opposite side from which it began. Continue to wrap the ends around the spoon handle so that they meet in the back then give them a twist. This sounds complicated but it's really easy just wrap it around and twist. Viola! Arms! Give the tip a bend so that they don't poke through the cheesecloth.

Cut a squareish piece of cheesecloth at least ten inches wide. Dab a smidge of glue to the top of the spoon and drape your cheesecloth over the spoon until you have a happy ghostie!

Have a spooktacular Halloween! 


  1. WOHHOOO... great project that maybe could inspire my nephews (2 boys) enough to sit down and make something nice with their hands instead of making mess and wild things all over the day ;o)

    1. how old are the boys? Switch the paint out to green and other colors and you can make zombies! ;)