Monday, December 24, 2012

diy cupcake liner xmas tree ornament

There are oodles and oodles of nifty ornament projects out there on the interwebs. I like how this one turned out using what I had piled up on the kitchen table. This cupcake liner tree can probably be made without the clothespin but I really like the added element of the cothespin. Plus it adds a nifty spot perfect for a glittery star.

*cupcake liners in assorted prints and sizes
*wodden clothes pegs
*tacky glue
*flat wooden star or cardboard
*gold paint
*metal ornament hook
Gather up your cupcake liners and get to flattening. Fold in half first and then flatten. The beauty of this ornament is that you don't need a specific color to create a pretty tree. Just gather up an assortment of prints and colors. It helps to have two sizes, regular and mini work best for the tree effect you see here. Once flattened, grab one larger liner and dollop a bit of glue on top and sandwich it inside another liner staggering it a bit so that it creates a tree-to-be shape. Repeat until you have four liners dancing a conga-line and set aside to dry. Once dry, add a line of glue along the center from top to bottom and slide the whole party into the clothes peg making sure the glue touches the peg. Set aside to dry.
 Select three of the mini liners and fold in half and flatten. Use a small pair of scissors to cut a notch out of the center.  Add a line of glue along the top portion of the clothespeg (but not the head) and gently pull the mini liners over the top staggering them so that they complete the tree-to-be effect. Set aside to dry.
If you have a small wooden star, give it a quick coat of gold paint and sprinkle a bit of glitter onto the wet paint and set aside to dry. If you do not have a wooden star, you can cut one from recycled cardboard and give it the smae treatment.
Once everything is dry, add a dollop of glue to the head of the clothespeg and nestle the star on top. 
When that dries, flip the whole bit of happy over and add another dollop og flue and nestle the metal ornament hook on top. You may need to put something underneath the other end of the hook so that it doesn't slip of the clothespeg. I found my nifty hook a few years ago from World Market. If your heart is set on this bt of pretty you might try an internet search as I have not seen them since then.
Hang on your tree or your wall or even a present. Merry Christmas! 


  1. Very cute. I was wondering about the leaves in the first photo--do you know the name of the tree?