Thursday, February 21, 2013

revisiting marshmallow puffs

And I did them the right way this time! Actually...I did them right the first time as well...the key is the baking time. 

These marshmallow puffs of yore are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven. I added chocolate chips and Valentine's sprinkles this time around and I think I need to try again with the chocolate. The chips kinda pool in the marshmallow goo and become oily and with all the sweet already in the mix I suppose we can survive without the added chocolate. 

A few notes:

*Make sure to grease your muffin pan to assist with puff removal as the marshmallow goo is pretty sticky. Thankfully water will make that sticky disappear so clean up is pretty easy.

*Forget aesthetics, these are messy to make, messy to bake, and definitely messy to eat so go with it. 

*To bake your puffs so that they appear right, once they reach the ten minute mark, check on them. If you can still see the marshmallow as a marshmallow (see photos from original post), they are not ready. There is a nifty turning point when the heat finally embraces the marshmallow and melts it thus coating the dough with a delicious layer of sugary goo. THAT is when you want to remove them. 

*Enjoy a puff or two with a cold glass of a favorite milk beverage and make sure to invite friends over. They are really enticing and it is extremely difficult to limit yourself to one or two so call over the gang and have fun! 

**this time around I only had a tube of the GRANDS styles biscuits, so I cut them in half, flattened 'em as best as could and then did the dippity dip and moldity mold. They were kinda ugly going in but oh so tasty once in my belly! 

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