Monday, July 1, 2013

last minute july 4th decor your kiddos can make!

All you need to create a fun garland and these medallions is a couple of packs of holiday festive paper napkins!

*three paper napkins
*glue stick
*white glue
I found my napkins at Target on sale. I had been eyeballing them for a while and was pleased to find them discounted. Party stores may also be a good source for holiday themed napkins. Open napkin so that it is a rectangle shape, cut in half. Kiddos can practice their cutting skills while doing this.
Next, accordion fold each rectangle up from the bottom, about four folds. Fold in half to create a fan shape. Draw a line of glue with a gluestick on one end of your folded napkin and adhere to the other.
You will need three napkins per medallion (that's six small fan shapes) so repeat the cut and fold process three times. Use glue stick to glue all edges together to create a circle.
Give your finished medallion a small snip with your scissors (a hole punch will not work) and thread with a length of yarn that can be doubled and knotted for easier hanging.

That's it! You can also use paper for this project easy peasy.

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