Monday, December 23, 2013

watercolor christmas trees with fingerprint ornaments

Painting with liquid watercolors is always fun. Add some quality watercolor paper and painters tape and you get a party out of it! 
 I had torn pieces of tape ready for the children to shape on their paper. We talked about triangles and the shape of a triangle. We talked about how a triangle has three sides and worked together to place our tape to create a triangle shape. I presented this project as one where we follow instructions. After we did our trees, the children were given free reign of the tape and painted up all sorts of fun. Some opted to keep their tape on their paper while others wanted to peel it off. All of them wanted to add as much glitter and epsom salt as we had. It was really fun!
 The paint palettes held liquid watercolor in two shades of green, yellow, and teal. The children picked the colors as a group. The focus was to paint their entire triangle with the watercolor.
After they filled in their triangles, they added epsom salt that had been mixed with fine glitter. I think this was their favorite part. They used it all up. I need to make more...and get more glitter.
The paintings were set up on the windowsill to dry. The next day they were ready to be decked out with ornaments. The children used their fingers to add tempera paint ornaments. They used a length of cardboard to stamp a trunk under their tree. We were going to add paper punched stars as well but things got busy and that never happened.

While the brightness of the tempera paint did notremain, the glitz and sparkle are there! Finish each tree painting by trimming paper to size (Kiddo often place their tape at the very bottom of the paper) and adding a washi tape frame.

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