Tuesday, February 18, 2014

book review: Meet the Artist! {Picasso and Calder}

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Have you seen these wonderfully fantastic interactive books by Patricia Geis from Princeton Architectural Press? They are tremendously informative and fun (I had no idea Picasso's father was a painter or that Alexander Calder painted up a BMW). When Princeton Architectural Press contacted me to see if I would like to review a copy of each, I barely finished reading the email before I replied with a hearty YES! I'm a mad art fan however you want to spell it. Pablo Picasso and Alexander Calder are always favorites in my book so how could I say no?
I am delighted, delighted that I did. The Meet the Artist series is ever-so-lovely, well thought-out, and put together. I teach three-year-olds and already I can imagine what wonderful tools these titles will be for me in class. You can bet we are going to Calder it up with stabiles, mobiles, wire sculptures, and recycled art. As for Picasso, we will be pulling out our scissors-skills and glue sticks to make artastic collages all in his name.
I think my favorite parts are all the little flaps with biographic information behind them. With the information tucked behind the flaps, you could easily read the words featured on the pages as a story. With older children you can have them flip the flaps and read you the information. With even older children you can sit back and discuss what you read so really, these books are for ALL ages!
Both titles stand alone are beautiful to look at on the shelf. The covers are sturdy and engaging and once you open each book up you are immediately welcomed with interesting facts before your eyes hit the title page .
And if the subject matter doesn't reel you in, or the flaps, or the pull-outs...did I mention the pull-outs...well check out the very very back of each title to find a little bit of interactive fun that encourages you to build your own art a-la Picasso or art a-la Calder. I really, really hope to see more from this series! For now I need to order up a few copies of each...these will be dandy gifts for almost everyone in my family.

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