Friday, May 23, 2014

clouds in a jar

*small clear lidded jar
*1-2 drops of food color or liquid water color
*water in a pitcher
*1 tablespoon baby oil
*clear glitter

Place a drop or two of color into your jar.  You only want the color to tint the water, not saturate it with color. Next have your kiddo pour water into their jar. The water will turn blue and the children will be delighted. You can pre-measure the oil or have your kiddo pour about a tablespoon of oil into their jar as well (we used a capful of oil). Hand them a shaker of glitter and let them go wild. Add the lid, shake and enjoy! The glitter gathers around the oil creating small cloudy shapes in the blue water. It's really cool!
We also made clouds by adding color to the water and adding a cotton ball that had been pulled at (to stretch it out). Cool!

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