Monday, June 9, 2014

flower arranging with preschoolers

The children in my classroom love florist foam. They LOVE it. If I do not glue or tape it down, they will grab that green block up into their little hands and squeeze and squish away until every little last foamy bit is scattered across our carpet. It makes sense, the foam has a delicious texture and a satisfying bite when smooshed. The smooshing also raises the energy level in the classroom which quickly shifts concentrated play into chaotic play. For this reason, our older blocks will appear outside for all the smooshing (and running around) they want but the inside blocks are anchored down so that the kiddos can poke things into them. We reuse shipping styrofoam for toothpick/golf tee, and feather poking but the floral foam comes out for flower arranging so that the children do not have to push so hard. And really, with the flowers, they don't. Some children approach the set up and jab one flower into the mix and dash off while others will sustain 20-30 minutes or more of arranging and rearranging. It's really sweet and lovely! I have used these flowers for all sorts of projects over the past three years!

*small basket w sides 3"-4" high
*1-2 blocks of floral foam
*double stick tape, masking tape or glue
*faux flowers with stems trimmed to 6"-8"
*shallow tray, basket, or plate

Step 1. Adhere foam to baskets.

Step 2. Trim flowers with wire cutters so that they do not tower over the basket. You want them sized for small hands.

Step 3. Arrange flowers on tray and set next to basket

Step 4. Allow play to begin!

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