Monday, September 22, 2014

classroom estimation station

 At the end of the year we wanted to study estimating and numbers with our kiddos. I went through my pinterest boards for ideas and was delighted to find this gem from No Time For Flashcards.

I teach three-year-olds who are not yet writing and decided it would be fun for them to draw what they spied in the jars. You can do a search online for a mason jar template. I do not remember where I found mine but it was from a site for personal use only.
The children made predictions, drew their prediction, counted pom poms, and then verified their answers.The following day we we added other objects to the jars such as glass jewels, small plastic insects and lizards, or beads. Our wall of estimations grew quite full. The children were super proud and returned to our Estimation Station many times over the course of two weeks.

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