Wednesday, February 25, 2015

painting our own cloudy sky

We've spent a lot of time reading Little Cloud by Eric Carle, and so our classroom is overflowing with all sorts of cloud activities and projects. The only thing missing was an actual sky full of clouds which we got for a spit second before the wind blew the clouds south. To create our own cloudy sky, we went the Michelangelo route and decided to surprise tomorrow's class...
Our train table (we call it our building table) is just the right height for little arms to reach from underneath. I covered the underside with blue paper and masking tape and set out a tray of white paint and little sponges for the children to create their own clouds with.
It got a bit crowded but the children really held their own, negotiating for space and a turn at the sponges. They kept at if for maybe fifteen minutes before the lure of our shipping boxes called them to create am arching band.

I can't wait to see how tomorrow's class reacts to the surprise!


  1. This is a very nice activity. I will definitely set it up for my kids the next time when they are bored. What kind of paint do you use, because I think my carpet will get ruin. LOL

    1. Thanks! Use a washable tempura paint. Also, put down an old sheet or tablecloth on the ground so any spills do not spill onto the carpet. We only used sponges to paint our clouds which was less drippy than paintbrushes.