Thursday, September 29, 2016

getting a little themey with apples

Everyone brought an apple to school for tasting. We used our "octopus" slicer to cut the apples into eight pieces that we then cut with butter knives to share. After much deliberation and sampling, the kiddos graphed their name in the column of the color apple they liked the best.
Next up, more chopping of apples that were then mixed into a homemade batter to make apple muffins. We used the recipe in the back of Apple Farmer Annie. Not one crumb was left. Yum! 
Lastly, we did a three step apple tree painting. The kiddos used a paintbrush to paint their trunk, a bath sponge for the leaves, and their fingers for the apples. Later we talked about the many ways you could paint an apple tree. Some of the children continued on to draw trees with markers, and paint trees at the easel. It was a lot of fun, themey or not!

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