Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Pizza Party Day!

Tomorrow is National Pizza Party Day so why not kick it off with some cooking fun! Make some wee english muffin pizzas!

What you need:
*english muffins split
*shredded cheese of your choice
*tomato paste
*olive oil
*fresh veggies
*salt, pepper & other seasonings like oregano and garlic
scrumdilly-do pizza fun: ingredients
scrumdilly-do it:

Set out all the ingredients in a fun and nifty manner because we all know that cute sells and what better way to get yer wee ones to expirement with flavors than to prettify the veggies and such? You can prechop for yer wee ones or pick veggies that are easy to chop. Plastic knives will slice mushrooms just dandy and cherry tomatoes only need to be halved!

Drizzle a little bit of oilive oil onto each muffin half and spread, add a dollop of tomato paste and let your kidlets spread it around with a plastic knife or back of a spoon. Now it is time to go to town! Add some cheese and then heap up as many veggies as possible...add a dash o' salt and maybe some other goodness like fresh garlic (using a press may entice your wee ones to try it!) and oregano (awesome if they grew it themselves!). Or, rather than heaping it all up, have a blast making happy faces out of the ingredients:
scrumdilly-do pizza fun: veggie face
scrumdilly-do pizza fun: broccoli nose
Pop the pizzas onto a cookie sheet or some tinfoil and broil them until bubbly about eight minutes and viola! Happy Pizza Faces!
scrumdilly-do pizza fun: hot happy faces

While you're all feasting on the yummy goodness have a pizza inspired storytime with one of these books:
*Hi, Pizza Man!
*Curious George and the Pizza
*The Princess and the Pizza
*Pete's a Pizza

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