Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last Minute Mother's Day Craft!

 Goodness! Mother's Day is tomorrow and you forgot to help yer wee ones make a gift for mom and/or grandma! What are ya gonna do? No worries, scrumdilly-do to the rescue! Make a nifty old -school style necklace from household items! Check it out:

What you need:
*string, heavy thread or yarn (I used colored thread)
*empty cereal box or cardboard
*paint, crayons or pretty paper
*white glue and/or glue stick
*cereal with holes like ohs or fruit loops
*uncooked noodles like rigatoni instead of cereal

scrumdilly-do it!
Cut out your pendant shape from the cardboard and cover with paper using a gluestick or paint it using your paint. Once dry, glue on your pasta or cereal, punch a hole near the top and set aside to dry. Cut thread to desired length and thread a piece of cereal or pasta onto it about three inched from the end. Tie a knot so that the piece is anchored. This keeps the other pieces from falling off. Have your we one thread to their hearts content about half way in any pattern they like. Add your pendant piece looping a knot on the top after threading. This will keep it from flipping backwards and sideways. Have your wee one continue thread until about three inches from the end, tie ends together and viola! A beautimous necklace made just for Mom!

Don't let my list limit you! You can mix it up and use pasta AND cereal AND beads if you have them. Looping the thread through each piece twice will keep it anchored in one spot creating a gap between other pieces. You can even paint the pieces once you're done!

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