Friday, September 7, 2007

Make crayons seems new!

Have a bored kidlet and nothing exciting to put together for fun? Pull out the neglected old crayons and entice them into some waxy fun!

What you need:
*masking tape or rubber bands
scrumdilly-do it!

Set out your paper for your wee ones to draw on and bundle up the crayons in groups of 2 and/or 3 using masking tape or a rubber band. Using the classic ice-cream cone grip, have your kidlets scribble away not with one, but two or more crayons at a time! Enthusiastically tell them how exciting their scribbles are, point out the multiple lines and let them see how many crayons they can bundle up and draw with.

The fun may not last for too long but it just may be enough time for you to get a meal ready or a phone call made!

In the states, now is the perfect time to stock up on crayons what with back to school and all that happening.


  1. Just a random sort of comment:

    I don't know how or when I subbed to your site, but I think that I did so months ago. Although my daughter is now 15, I still enjoy your blog quite a bit. I wish that a similar site had existed when she was a tot. I must say, however, that I think she'd still enjoy some of your projects.

    Job well done!

  2. Thank you Jodi!

    Being kidletless myself, I too find the projects fun on a grown-up level! Happy Day!

  3. cute idea... good for getting them to use some of the neglected colours huh...
    luv Abby