Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Repurposed Art: Connecting Cards

This activity is for you to set up for your kidlets. It takes a little more time than others but once you have set it up, the cards should last a good long while. Sure, you can go buy a set for a wad o' cash or you can make your won featuring your kidlets' fabulous artwork. It's a no brainer in my eyes, though the other set is kind of spiffy.

What you need
*your kidlet's artwork no larger than 11 by 17 inches
*access to a laminator
*scissorsscrumdilly-do it:

Get your wee one's art laminated at a copy shop or do it yourself if you have a laminator.

Cut the laminated piece into multiple squares and rectangles. Curve the corners with a pair of scissors so the pieces aren't too sharp.
Now, cut a small half inch slit with the tip of your scissors into one side of the card. Next, cut another slit overlapping the first one so that you have a tiny piece of scrap paper to pull out leaving you with a groove of sorts. This part is necessary so that two pieces will fit together nicely without being all wonky and such. Repeat this process so that each side of each piece has at least two slits. (This part travels easily so you can plop it ll into a baggie or container and take it on the road to work on while waiting to pick your kidlets up from wherever it is you pick them up.)Once you are done, you are done! Yay! Keep all pieces in a container that is accessible to your wee one's and watch them create!You can do this with an old deck of playing cards also, no lamination needed. If you are adventurous you cab cut the artwork up into all sorts of shapes and sizes. If your kidlet is old enough, let him or her cut their artwork up. Experiments and as always, have fun!

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  1. ohhhh nice one I can't wait till we can do this one....
    luv Abby