Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fun with Squash

This is a fun project for those "I'm bored!" moments.

What you need:
*white pumpkins, any size
*washable paints
*paint brushes
*splat mat or covered surface
*paint brushes

scrumdilly-do it1

Set out paints and brushes for your wee one's. You can use small cups, silicone or disposable cupcake liners, egg cartons or a paint palette. Make sure the area you are going to be working in is covered well. Outdoors would be great for this.Place pumpkins onto work surface and let the fun begin! Note to the pumpkin purchasers, size your pumpkins based on your wee one's attention span. A small pumpkin can be finished within 10 minutes and a larger one up to 20, depending on your kidlets. A miniature pumpkin would be best suited for a toddler but the big kids tend to think they're cute also. Just an idea so that you don't overwhelm your kidlet when you present them with a twenty pounder!
The cool thing about using the washable paints is that if your kidlet is not satisfied with his or her paint job then the pumpkin can be easily washed off. Slate clean! Also, the paint, once dry will be delicate and flake off so each day can bring a new pumpkin! Make sure to keep an eye out for soft spots and add to your compost heap when you are throgh. Oops, or you can carve them for Halloween!

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