Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't Throw That Away!...sock(s)

Save those socks you pull from the dryer sans their mate. Your kidlets can turn them into all sorts o' sock creatures and all they need is one sock! What you need:
*a sock
*permanent markers (sharpies work swell)
*tacky glue
*buttons, beads, baubles and bits
*needle and thread (optional)
*fiberfill or more socks for stuffing

scrumdilly-do it!

Set up your work area placing containers or piles of your baubles and bits within reach of your kidlets. Have each wee one pick out a sock and stuff it with your fiberfill or scrap socks.

Now it is time to examine what they have and decide what their sock will become. Will it be a fish? A ghost? A monster? A cat?Your wee ones can draw directly onto their sock with permanent pens or they can glue to their heart's content buttons, ribbon and felt cut to shapes. If your wee ones are adept with a needle and thread, let them have a go. There are no mistakes in making sock critters. Check out the critters these nifty kidlets made:A snake!
A mummy and a snow-girl!
A monstrous reptile!