Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pop Happy for Popcorn Day!

Happy Popcorn Day! Here's a nifty bit of artsy-ness that includes a wee bit of recycling and a whole LOT of glue!
What you need:
*white glue (or colored glue)
*food color or liquid water color (or colored glue)
*popped popcorn
*pom-pons or other collage-able fun
*wax paper or splat mat
*clear plastic lids like the kind that sit on your frappacino

scrumdilly-do it:

Set out your materials on a sheet of wax paper or your handy dandy splat mat (a couple of plastic placemats will work in a pinch). Prep your colored glue. This part will work best if you can make a couple of bottles of colored glue to have on hand. Kidlets can of course use a paintbrush to use the glue as paint but what fun is that? It's all about the SQUEEZING! If you can, pick up a couple of the tiny bottles of white glue. Back to school time is great for discounts but you can always pick up a couple of larger bottles at the dollar store. Add a few drops of food color or liquid watercolor, put the cap back on and shake, shake, shake! Rest the bottles upside down to help get the color mixed into the glue. If you have a small squeeze bottle floating about, mix up your wee one's favorite color into some glue and have them use that. Remember, kidlets will use as much glue as you give them so keep the quantity down othrwise you will have a mountain of glue dripping all over the place. Not only would that be wasteful, it would be MESSY! You don't have to use a clear plastic lid but the clear plastic will allow for pretty sunlight to stream through if you choose to hang this piece of art. A yogurt lid or any other plastic lid will work but if you are a person who hits Starbucks quite often, these lids are PERFECT! Flip your lid over so that the top faces you. Tape up the straw opening with a couple of pieces of tape and flip over so the top is resting on the table.Now it is time for the first batch of glue! Have your wee one squeeze as much glue as they like into the lid. If you have the lid facing the right way you will have a small lip to hold the glue in. The goal is to coat the bottom of the lid with glue.If your wee one is getting a little too glue happy, cut them off by handing them a bottle of colored glue. Encourage them to squeeze a little color into the lid also.Next up is popcorn! While I am sure you and your wee ones are snacking away on the popcorn, don't forget to add some to the lidful of glue, a few pieces at a time. The idea is to layer. Glue, popcorn, glue, popcorn, etc. So go ahead and add some popcorn to the mix...Add some more glue in a different color perhaps and then add a dash or two of glitter, add some more popcorn, more glue, pom-pons and what have you. Eventually your wee one will decide he or she is done and their lid will look a little something like this:Set aside overnight to dry and check back here for the next step. Mine is still all gluey so I have to wait also. Make sure to have more than one lid on hand so that your kidlet can make a couple of these. Experiment with other disposable items. You may want to use the plastic container the lettuce came in just cut the sides down a little bit and tape up those holes! Have fun!

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  1. ooo I didn't know about Popcorn day, missed it by 2 days. O well, I feel like popcorn tonight with a movie!