Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick snack craft

For those antsy times...

What you need:
*prepackaged crescent rolls
*cookie sheet
*chocolate chips or bars
*powdered sugar
scrumdilly-do it:

Whack open that tube of over processed dough (hey, if you only use it once in awhile, you're good.) separate and unfold triangles. Place on cookie sheet.
Have your wee ones gently stretch and pull the triangles or flatten them out to give them a little bit more size. Make sure hands are clean!Add a piece of chocolate bar or a few chocolate chips to center of triangle.Shape dough into crescent shapes and bake according to package directions.Let cool, place on a happy plate and sprinkle with a pinch of powdered sugar. Serve with a small glass of your preferred beverage and enjoy!

You can do this with biscuit dough also or homemade biscuits or french bread. If using already made bread or biscuits, make a small hole or pocket into the bread, add the chocolate and heat in microwave for about 10-15 seconds. Cool and enjoy!


  1. I think my kids would love making - and eating - these. We've already found lots of fun things to stuff into those crescent rolls, but we've not done chocolate. Thanks!

  2. Sounds yummy! Quick and easy. Would jelly work in the middle as an alternative?

  3. oh! we make these all the time but put cheese, jam or cinnamon sugar inside. it makes for a wonderful treat with breakfast. we had them today!

  4. anything ya want to try would probably work. cheese and jam sounds delicious!

  5. what a great idea - I have made up dough for this sort of thing before from a Nigella recipe from feast

  6. hi there! iève been loving your flickr account now i have just foudn this! ièm adding you to my own blogs to love list right this second...

  7. i heart your blog so so much! i have told so many teacher-friends about it.

    now i am going to go make something chocolately!


  8. My 4 yr old twins and I made these the other night. I came upstairs for a minute and by the time I got back down to the kitchen they were GONE!

    Thank you for this yummy treat :)

  9. This snack reminds me of one that I grew up with, grilled chocolate bar sandwiches which also was my fathers family snack growing up. Not very many people like it. I have to say it needs a glass of milk to follow.

  10. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and have made some of your projects. I absolutely LOVE all your ideas and the photos you take sure are wonderful. I found this last night and sort of hit my forehead and said "DOH!" Our local Trader Joe's sells chocolate filled crescent rolls but they are frozen. You have to let them rise overnight and then bake. They are also a wee pricey for only 4 in a box. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to just make my own! Thanks!!

  11. thank you! when you make them yourself you can control just how chocolatey they are. a little or A LOT!