Sunday, March 2, 2008

Celebrate Read Across America Day!

Technically speaking, Read Across America day is celebrated on Dr. Seuss' birthday which happens to be today. Since no one really wants to kick off a celebration before the school week, all the hullaballo won't start until tomorrow. All this week, all across the good ol U.S. of A, schools, bookstores and libraries will be hosting all sorts of fun book friendly events. Check out these websites for more info:
read, write & think
National Education Association
education world
Reading rockets

And now for a fun, quick and super easy pre-celebration craft! This one strays a bit from the art format but it makes for some super quick fun and the pictures you take of your kidlets are usually pretty nifty! Make a Cat in the Hat inspired chapeau!

What you need:
*large sheets of paper, construction paper or plain
*crayons, pens, paint
*fabric, string, yarn,
*other collagable good are optional
*glue, or tape
scrumdilly-do it!

Oh shucks, if I were more technically savvy I would have a PDF available for you to download, unfortunately I do not so you will have to use your imagination or let your kidlets do the designing.

Take a sheet of paper and sketch out an outline that resembles the Cat's hat. You want to fill the entire sheet so that it will be appropriately tall. Cut out the hat shape or stack a couple of sheets on top of each other and cut a few out.Set out hats for your wee ones to dandy up using whichever art supplies they wish. If your wee ones are glue lovers you may want to stick with a glue stick, otherwise the hat will take forever to dry and they won't be able to wear it.From another sheet of aper, cut out two inch long strips as long as the paper. These will be your hat bands. Once hats are dry, staple or tape one band to each side of the hat making sure you start closer to the center of shape. Using your wee ones head as a guide, plop that puppy on and affix the two straps together so that the "hat" stays put. Trim if needed.There you have it! A cat inspired hat made for and by your kidlets!

Happy Day!

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