Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Potato Chip Day!

Here's a fun book your third through fifth graders can sink their teeth into!

Leon and the Champion Chip
by Allen Kurzwell
Published by Harper Collins

This sequel to Leon and the Spitting Image brings back Leon and his two best friends as they put their minds together to make a new spitting image doll to help combat the attention of the school bully. In this story, the kids have a new science teacher who hatches a plan to teach the kids science through potato chips and only potato chips. Along the way Leon and company study up as Leon prepares to enter a potato chip contest in order to win the hefty cash prize. All sorts of fun antics ensue and when the parents find out about this whole science through potato chips adventure it just may be the last class Mr. Sparks teaches!

More potato chip fun can be found here!

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