Saturday, March 8, 2008

Celebrate Eggbits Day!

With a wee bit o' eggshell art!

What you need:
*clean dry eggshells
*cardboard (recycled cereal boxes work)
*sponge or spongebrush
*wax paper or paper plate
*toy block or car or action figure

scrumdilly-do it!

Gather your supplies and set up shop in a mess friendly area. Take your cardboard and cut out a square, circle or letter. You can use any shape you want. Using a letter can be fun and it's literary, even! Set aside.
Place your clean eggshells (always wash with soapy water and allow to dry, preferably in the sunlight) onto a covered table or cutting board or other mess friendly surface. Hand your wee one a favorite toy, car or block and let them smash up the eggshells into itty bitty bits. Scoop the bits into a container or pile them up for the next step.
Apply glue to the entire surface of your cardboard. Allow your wee ones to use their fingers to smear the glue all over. Add eggshells and set aside to dry.

Set out as many colors of paint as you and/or your wee ones would like along with a sponge or sponge brush. Have your wee ones paint their mosaic to their hearts content and set aside to dry.
Once dry, punch a hole at the top, string with some pretty ribbon or yarn and hang in a special place! Now you have a plan for all those Easter Eggs, right?


  1. What a fantastic idea to find uses for the shells as well! :) We use organic brown eggs, and I just always marvel at the variety of the color in the shells and am always so sad when I'm throwing them out. I'll have to think of some fun ways to use them and accentuate their beauty! Thanks for the ideas!