Sunday, March 23, 2008

Frugal Easter Fun Part Three

Here's a "kidlet can do" cooking project to make use of all those blown eggs! Make puff pancakes!What you need:
*2 eggs
*1/2 cup flour
*1/2 cup of milk (I haven't tried this with soy but it may work)
*dash o salt
*a lemon
*powdered sugar or sugar of your choice
*jam, fresh fruit or what have you
*muffin tins (this will make 12)
*kitchen timer
*measuring cups
*mixing bowl

First up, add a small pat of butter into each muffin cup and stick in the oven at 400F to preheat.

Let your wee ones take the fork to the eggs and have them mix them up all crazy like. The goal is to break the yolks and get your eggs mixed so they look light yellow. Add a pinch of salt and mix some more.

Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, have your wee ones measure out and level 1/4 cup of flour. Add this to the eggs and mix well using the fork. Add another 1/4 cup and mix some more until most all of the lumps are gone. While your kidlets are doing this, pull out the muffin pan from the oven. The butter should be melted and the pan will cool so your wee ones will be able to be near it. Or, you can melt the butter ahead of time and add a little to each cup so that the pan is certainly cool and won't burn your tots.Next, have your wee ones measure out 1/2 cup of milk and let them pour it into the bowl with the eggs and flour. Have them pour just a little at a time to best incorporate the mixture. Having your wee ones do all the measuring is an nifty way to introduce math and science to them. Use a one cup measure to help alleviate any anxiety. If using cinnamon, let your kidlet add couple of shakes to each cup in the muffin pan over the melted butter. Next, hand your wee one an 1/8 cup measure and let them add a scoop of batter to each cup in the pan. Use up all the batter you can and pop the pan into the oven. Set your timer for 15 minutes and gather up your lemon, sugar, jam or what have you.
When the timer goes off, use an oven mitt to remove the pan and set onto a heat friendly surface. Ooh and aah over how tall the cakes got and take some pictures for the scrapbook. Make sure you tell your kidlets how awesome it is that they baked these! The cakes will be warm to the touch so while they are in the pan you may want to sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice. Wait a few moments before adding the lemon as the lemon makes the cakes collapse a bit.Pop a popover onto a plate for your wee one, add some fresh fruit and jam and enjoy! Make a pot of tea and have a tea party! If you're not sure your kidlet will want to eat these tell them they're gonna make magic cakes and if they're still not buying it, don't worry. They got to practice their science skills and there will be more cakes for you!

This recipe can easily be halved to make just six "cakes". Or, you can make six egg-dense cakes with the original recipe. They won't puff up as much and will be more eggy. It's up to you, experiment!

Happy Bunny day!


  1. MMMMMmmmmm!!! These look yummy! I can't wait to try them with my kiddo's, they LOVE to cook and we all love bread type things!!

  2. they are super yummy but really more egg-like than bread-like!

  3. I think I just found breakfast for this weekend! Yummmm!

  4. Popovers are one of my favorite foods! It is the first thing I learned how to bake. :) Thank you for reminding me - I'll have to make some soon!

    I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!


  5. I've been a fan of your blog for several months now. I saw your popover post tonight and knew exactly what the kids and I would make for dessert tonight. Thank you SO much for this EASY recipe! My kids (5 and 6) LOVED making these and were super duper impressed with how they popped in the oven. I admit I was skeptical that they'd turn out as beautiful as yours, but they did! I made a pot of homemade hot cocoa to go along with it. We did sprinkle cinnamon on the butter first. When they came out of the oven, we sprinkled powdered sugar on them and the drizzled them with pure maple syrup. I thought we'd have leftovers... but my husband took care of that right away!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  6. they are so easy and perfectly delightful to make AND eat! the less batter you pour into the cup, the more of a tall-cup-shaped popover you get! yay!

  7. yorkshire puddings!!! My hubby is a brit- we loves these with beef!

  8. i never knew what a yorkshire pudding was until this...a couple people have told me about it. how cool, i was missing out!

  9. I made these and they were a hit, thank-you! My fussy 2 year old ate them, with loads of jam of course, but they scrumdilly-licious!

  10. all these eggshell ideas are awesome!
    cheers from montréal!!!

  11. I posted a comment on this thread nearly three years ago! I hadn't made them for a long time but came back to search for them as I wanted to surprise the kids for breakfast this morning. I also wanted to add: If you want to make these for dessert, they are heavenly with Nutella in them. And another REALLY fun thing to do is let them cool completely (or until they are just warm to the touch) and fill them with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and then top with a good chocolate fudge! YUMMY!

  12. oh wow! Nutella? Ice Cream? you sound like my kind o gal! thank you for the return and the ideas. If you ever do these again, take pics, I wanna see! ;)