Tuesday, October 7, 2008

doodle monsters to the rescue!

Doodle Monsters are nothing more than amorphous shapes drawn by yourself or your wee ones. To have a successful fleet of them however one needs to have the patience to doodle them out. And, as with any true scrundilly-do project there are two levels, TWO, just for you to take these monstery-bits with you. Let's start with the easiest bit first, Doodle Monsters!

Any L.A. local folks out there? Did you ever watch Popeye Cartoons early on Sunday Morning. Do you remember Tom Hatten, the host? He would do this thing where he would open up your mail in which you mailed him a blob or doodle of some sort and he would then turn it into something artful! Doodle Monsters are a little bit of the same idea only instead of artful we're going for MONSTERS!

what you need:
*paper, paper, paper. drawing paper, newspaper, origami paper you name it.
*pencils, pens, crayons, markers. It all up to you and may depend on your paper choices.
*hole punches, glue stick, glue. paint. all optional.scrumdillydo it!

Set your paper out and doodle yourself up a shape. You can warm up with lumpy circles or ovals but get a little wacky and create some dazzling doodle shape. Add loops, swirls and long jagged tunnels. Simply doodle.Once done, cut it out and add glue to another piece of paper and then cut that out. You can do it one more time if ya like or not, it's all up to you. I glued my doodle monster to a page from the phonebook and then some black paper. Now, if you are doing this with a friend or family member, trade doodles. Use whatever you pulled on hand to turn that doodle into a monster of sorts! Marker will work just as well as any collage cits. Add an eye or a zillion eyes. Give it a mouth or two or three. Add arms and legs. Add spots, dots, zigs or zags. It is all up to you as to how that doodle becomes a monster! Back your monsters with a stick of some sort and have a duel between the doodle monsters and the cauliflower monsters. Alls fair in puppet play and monsters! OT, you can punch a hole at the top and loop some invisible fishing line through it and you have a monster dangler to protect you and your Halloween loot from your greedy older sibling. Make a whole fleet to hang and you are good until next October.

Once you feel like a professional doodle monster maker, we can move on to turning your doodle monsters into bean bag monsters! Coming soon!


  1. This looks like a fun project to do with our friends that are coming over today, thanks!

  2. My husband and I loved watching that show. As children. In our own homes respectively. My 14 year old rolls his eyes every time we reminisce about watching it before we went to church. Again, not together, each in our own homes.

  3. hope it was a blast Julie!

    Theresa, wasn't that the best? I would practice drawing doodles to send in but never sent any in.

  4. i adore your site! i'm leaving it up in my tabs so i can look through everything!!!