Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Minute Halloween Projects

I'm not sure if I will be able to get pictures here for ya. I'm up to my eyeballs in craft bits for Felt Club which is on November 16. However, I need to get all the bits finished by November 6 as we are taking a road trip to Portland. How crazy is it that I am returning the day before the big event? Yikes! So, without further ado, let's whip up some Halloween craftiness shall we?

It's all about orange. You can do this with any color really, a secondary color is best so that your wee ones can have a blast mixing up their own colors. Since Halloween is tomorrow, let's think about pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and the color orange!

Orange Collage:

Gather up all your orange bits you may have on hand. Pull out the orange crayons, markers & paint. You can use orange bits of felt, fabric or construction paper. Get slap-happy with orange glitter, confetti, pipe cleaners, ribbon, stickers, glue, feathers and whatever else you can find. Hand your kidlet a paper plate or piece of cardboard and some glue and have them create an orange collage. Let them search for orange through old magazines. List all the things they can think of that are orange.

Mix paint:

Set out some yellow and red paint and have your wee ones mix up their own orange. Give them a paper plate or have them cut out a pumpkin shape and paint jack-o-lanterns. Make sure to give them some white and black paint as well. Ask them what they think will happen if they use just a little red in their yellow. What about a lot of red? What about adding black?

Orange shaving cream:

Grab a resealable plastic bag and some old fashioned shaving cream. Skirt a bunch of the stuff into the bag and add a drop of red food color and a drop of yellow food color. Seal it up and hand it to your wee one. Let hem squish, squish, squish away to mix up some orange fluff. Snip a corner off the bag and let hem squeeze out the glorious goo onto a plastic tray (the lid of a storage container will work) or a cookie sheet with a ledge on it. Finger paint fun for all!

Orange snacks:

Serve up a muffin tray style lunch sponsored by the color orange! Use cheddar cheese, goldfish crackers, cheese puffs, oranges, cantaloupe, mac & cheese and whatever tickles your fancy. Whip up an orange juice and banana smoothie and enjoy!

Perpetual Jack-O-Lantern:

Make a felt board pumpkin. Grab an old cereal box or gift box and cut out a large pumpkin shape. Wrap it up in orange flannel or felt and cut up some black and/or yellow felt shapes. Instant funny face fun! Talk about the shapes you see and if your kidlet is scissor happy, have them cut out the shapes themselves. You can even use this next year as a design board for before you cut into the pumpkin!

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Stay tuned for even more last minute projects and nifty things to do with all that sweet trick or treat loot! Have a Happy Halloween!

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