Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sandwich Bread to the Rescue!

For those of you who are in the frenzy of cooking up a turkey day meal, I give you a quick project that your children can make in the kitchen with what you have on hand. My love of baking came about at a very early age. My mother spent a lot of time baking and I always wanted to be a part of it. I had little patience to wait until I was "big enough" to use the "real" kitchen tools, my mother had to be quick thinking to create a diversion so she could get dinner finished. From allowing me to help out by rolling out pie-crust to making pie crust cookies or cracking the eggs or measuring the dry goods, she was always able to include me in the fun. Here is a quick and easy faux-baking project for your wee ones to whip up while you're basting that Turkey.

Sandwich Bread Turnovers

*a couple of slices of bread, white bread works best but any soft bread will do
*melted butter
*jam or peanut butter or cream cheese for filling
*rolling pin
*clean paint brush or pastry brush
*cinnamon and/or powdered sugar

Set out your supplies so that everything is within reach.Have your wee ones cut of the crust of the bread using the scissors. Even plastic play scissors should work. For the very young, hand them a slice of bread and the scissors and let them play. Most of the bread may wind up in their mouths and what doesn't can still be used for something else.Roll each slice flat using the rolling pin. This is one of the best parts and I remember LOVING this. If you don't have a rolling pin, peel off the label of a soup can or other canned food item and wash the outside of the can thoroughly.Using the paintbrush or pastry brush, "paint" the edges of the bread with the melted butter. Your wee one can of course paint as much of the bread as they would like. If butter isn't your thing, try a wee bit of olive oil and some apple juice.Add a dollop of jam or other soft filling on one half diagonal of the bread. Fold over other half making a triangle.Using your fingers, push-seal the edges and paint on some more butter. Use the fork to crimp the edges and add a decorative flair.Sprinkle with cinnamon if you like, or powdered sugar and place on a cookie sheet. Pop into a 350F oven for about 20 minutes.Add a bit more powdered sugar, place on a fun plate, pour a glass of something yummy to drink, cut each tart in half to aid in cooling the hot filling and enjoy!While the turnovers are baking, you can ask your wee ones to cut the crusts up into small rectangles. Add them to your stuffing or make some milk toast. You can also freeze for another use. They're pretty good toasted in a pan with a dab of butter and some seasoning and then added to a bowl of soup or homemade mac & cheese.Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, we are so definitely doing this one someday soon! Can't wait.

  2. As soon I get some white bread we'll be making this one too. Thanks for posting a recipe my babe can actually help with- those are pretty hard to come by for me.

  3. I did this with my 4 year old Thanksgiving morning. She made breakfast treats for the whole family and was SO proud of herself. Everyone truly loved them and it was a moment for me to give thanks for. Thanks a bunch!

  4. This looks yummy!

    I know my boys would love this!!

  5. These remind me os something Diane and I made when she was little called "Toastwiches" (similar to yours except they are dunked in egg/milk mixture - a double decker french toast. I sent your post to Diane and she wrote back with the comment that she is going to make them with jam AND chocolate!!! Thanks so much for the reminder of an old favorite!

  6. thanks everybody! i hope your turnovers turn out extra tasty!

  7. just made these this morning when my 4-yr-old needed something to focus on. yum! and thanks. --Nancy in NC

  8. Theese are great! U ROCK! Thanks :)

  9. I can not wait to try this!!!