Monday, December 1, 2008

a different type of advent

 Christmas time is the time for advent calendars. It is the time for many things but advent calendars are used most this time of year. Why not build an advent calendar as you go? Rather than open a door or unwrap a small token to find a treasure for the day, why not make a new tradition for advent?

I do not have any delightful pictures for you but I am sure with your talents, you will know just what I mean. To create this new advent tradition, pick a time during the day to ask your wee ones to write down something special about their day. It may be something they saw or did or it may be a feeling they had. They may want to write a sentence about a favorite Christmas memory, cookie or gift. Whatever it is, the focus is to be on goodness and kindness and all things smile inducing. You may need to write as they dictate or maybe you want to make a recording. Keep it short and sweet and add the memory of the day to a large glass jar, bowl or decorated box. You may have your wee ones make up a box today to kick it all off.

On Christmas Day or Eve, you choose, gather your family together, no matter how large or how small. Wrap yourselves up in cozy comfort, add hot cider, tea or chocolate and homemade cookies or bars and read out loud all the good things that happened as you counted down to Christmas.

When you are all through, gather up the lovely memories and wrap them up in paper and bows to be opened by someone next year. Make it the pickle gift or make up a special ornament just for the box or gift it to someone different each year.

Next year, start on the first for a new collection of memories to be read on Christmas even and then, on Christmas day you will have last years memories to relive all over again. Wrap them up along with the new in an even lovelier box and carry on. It is the most simple gift and close to the heart. An evening of sharing with your family. It may even bring you closer and a little less stressed as your wee ones work hard at creating good memories to be put to paper.

Happy December! If you simply must make an advent calendar, check out the nifty flickr group. There are oodles of ideas, oodles1


  1. I love this idea! My family never used a calendar, but moved the characters in the nativity scene across the room to the manger as Christmas approached. I would love to use your idea when I have kids, though. What a wonderful way to remind us all of what we have to be thankful and joyful about, not the stresses of the season!

  2. Featured in today's Simple Makes post, "Best Advent Links: Preparing for Christmas." See it at Thanks for the great post!

  3. What a lovely idea! Sort of an advent calendar in reverse. :-)